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Our work 

International School of Monaco

SheCanHeCan offers gender equality and social inclusion, leadership and confidence-building workshops to companies, both local and international  to schools and professionals.


We are based in Monaco but also provide trainings at other locations, including London and throughout Europe. We tailor the workshops to the company's needs and specificities and adapt our sessions in schools depending on the age of the students and time allocated in the classroom. 

Contact us for your personalised quotation. 

At SheCanHeCan, we believe in the importance of books and telling stories that help us to understand the world we live in. 


We read inclusive books, which portray diverse characters from different worldwide locations that enable children from all backgrounds to identify with inspirational, successful and fearless identities. 

The books clubs are available to all children aged 9-10 years old. The sessions run each school calendar year from October to April 

Email us at to book your place. 

Parent Son book club at the Etiquette and Decorum Studio 

Conseil National, Monaco

In 2011, the United Nations designated 11 October as the International Day of the Girl Child, to recognise girls' rights and the different challenges girls face around the world. 

Since 2013, we have celebrated the Day of the Girl in Monaco to raise awareness of the importance of educating girls. We have hosted movie screenings, discussions, sports events and the art exhibition "A Confident Girl". ​Since 2018, we are partnering with the Conseil National and joining the #Girl2Leader campaign to promote the participation of women in politics. 

Mark 11 October in your calendars and join SheCanHeCan to celebrate girls every year! 

In 2017, GenderHopes became SheCanHeCan. GenderHopes was launched in 2011 with the aim of ending gender-based violence and discrimination in Monaco. In 2013, GenderHopes and Femmes Leaders Monaco launched the website to inform and assist victims of domestic violence in Monaco. 

Every year, we mark the International Day to End Violence against Women on 25 November in partnership with the monegasque Government and Health Ministry. 


SheCanHeCan's advocacy efforts have led to the creation of AVIP who has become the contact point in Monaco. 

Waves on the Rocks

We have joined with The International School of MonacoFreda and Fab Little Bag to bring The RBP to Monaco. You can see more on the Instagram page @theredboxprojectmc.


At the ISM we have nine Student Ambassadors who have worked very hard alongside us to make this project a reality. SheCanHeCan has a long relationship with the school. We have been conducting workshops in the school for over 3 years and this is now the second academic year with a Student Ambassador team that has grown from three students to nine. With the students we aim to work together to educate, inform and provide boxes for other schools in Monaco (and the region), women's shelters in Monaco and to the refugees in Ventimiglia.  

To bring The Red Box Project to your school please email us at

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