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SheCanHeCan is the only association of its kind in the Principality. Founded in 2011, we have worked hard to make our association one of the most active in Monaco. As a community based organisation, we rely a lot on the local press supporting our work and sharing news about our events and workshops. 

We are also happy to do a print or video feature articles with your organisation or an interview to help spread the word about our cause. 

New ideas are worth spreading... 
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The latest press articles

25 November 2021   

Monaco News: Women's Associations meet Minister of State 

17 October 2021    

La Gazette de Monaco: SheCanHeCan lance des cartes de football féminin à collectionner


12 October 2021    

Monaco Matin: "Il faut aller plus loin que la parité et viser l'inclusion"


12 October 2021    

Good News Monaco: International Day of the Girl: Sports Edition

11 October 2021    

News.MC (Monaco Daily News): Female Football Collector Cards Launched

11 October 2021    

Monaco Life: New football collector cards for girls

9 March 2021   

Monaco Tribune: SheCanHeCan: l'égalité:, un combat de tous les jours

January - April 2021  

Monaco Economie: Nous les Femmes: Vers une Société plus Inclusive?"

25 November 2020 

La Gazette de Monaco: 100 Hommes Unis contre les Violences faites aux Femmes

25 November 2020 

L'Observateur de Monaco: Violences faites aux Femmes: Quels Chiffres à Monaco?

24 November 2020 

Monaco Life: Men Unite for Anti-Violence against Women Day 

24 November 2020 

Good News Monaco: Special feature about SCHC Director, Vibeke Thomsen

19 November 2020 

Monaco Life: Fearless Women Step Forward for TEdX

16 October 2020 

Monaco Hebdo: Le Conseil National avec SheCanHeCan pour la Journée de la Fille

11 October 2020 

La Gazette Monaco: SheCanHeCan célèbre la Journée Internationale de la Fille

6 August 2020 

La Gazette Monaco: SheCanHeCan: towards a generalization of free hygienic protections?


5 March 2020 

Monaco Life: "How far have we come?"

16 October 2019

Monaco Life: "First ‘Red box project’ launched in Monaco"

14 October 2019  

La Gazette Monaco: "La journée internationale de la fille célébrée au Conseil national"

22 September 2019 

La Gazette Monaco: "Une nouvelle campagne pour l’égalité homme-femme voit le jour"

22 September 2019

​Monte Carlo in: "L’associazione She Can He Can ha lanciato la campagna per l’uguaglianza donna-uomo"


14 October 2019 

Monaco Info: Initiative : la Journée Internationale de la Fille au Conseil National 

19 September 2019 

Monaco Info: "Le JT : jeudi 19 septembre 2019" ​à partir de  9.46