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Updated: Oct 27, 2022

GM, Columbus Hotel:

First Hotel in Monaco to Join SCHC's Monarègles


1) Can you tell us more about why the Columbus Hotel decided to join SCHC’s Monarègles initiative? Too many subjects are still taboo in our society, and it is our responsibilities to get things moving and lead the way. We can only grow as people if we know how our family, friends, co-workers can be impacted by day-to-day events. We strive to make our company a respectful working environment, but it can only be fully achieved by understanding a topic.

2) What feedback, if any, do you receive from team members (and/or clients) since installing period products in bathrooms? Our teams have found it great, and the onsite workshop with Monarègles was very much appreciated. We have a lot of men in a relationships, divorced or single who found it very beneficial, and I think, against most expectations, were the most curious.

3) What would you tell companies (or more specifically hotels) who are thinking about signing up for Monaregles? Do it ! I think people will be surprised that we have team members who are in difficult financial situations. But, mostly because periods and menopause can have a real impact on a women’s life and it is important as a team to understand what this could be. It does not mean we need to change the rules but be respectful of these events in a woman’s life. We can only move forward by talking about topics. The best ideas come from brainstorming and exchanges.

-- About Monarègles Monarègles is a community-based, non-profit initiative launched by SheCanHeCan in 2022. It aims to encourage workplaces, institutions and schools to provide free period products to their teams and students. Along with the period products, SheCanHeCan also offers workshops to better inform staff members on periods and menopause. Hence, Monarègles contributes to creating more inclusive workplaces for all. Through corporate partnerships, SheCanHeCan also works to give back to the community by providing young people as well as vulnerable women, including refugees or victims of domestic violence, with free period products where they need them most. To learn more and sign up, visit

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Period Products in Staff Bathroom at Columbus Hotel MC

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